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Tin wind up robot with winking lenticular diffraction eyes. 24cm. Hard rubber ears. Moving meter dial in chest. Advances with walking motion as the needle on the oxygen meter swings and sparks are emitted from behind the red panel in his mouth. The current earliest sighting is in the 1962 Aldens catalog and the 1962 Yonezawa catalog. Grey and blue-grey versions are known.

Examples described as green remain unconfirmed and may be the result of a colour cast in the photo.

White dial with "Oxygen Meter" wording. Some white dial versions do not have the wording on them. Black "Radiation Counter" version dials also exist.

The third robot displays the red chest panel instead of the usual chrome metal.

There are two other variations: one with the on-off switch on the left and one with a central switch. Some have a red gel in the mouth, others do not.

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