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Andy Shaw's Collection.


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Great interview, Andy! Thanks for sharing it. How long ago was this taped? In the interview you mention that we should see robots in our everyday lives within the next five to fifteen years. Are you disappointed that we all don't have life-sized robot home companions by now? I know I am. We had a family friend back in the late 1970's who was an electronics engineer and computer designer. None of us really even understood what that was and when Bill would try to explain how we would eventually all have personal computers we thought he was crazy because we simply couldn't see the practical application of how we would use this gizmo in our daily lives. I remember how excited he was when Star Wars came out because he would proclaim that we would all have our very own R2-D2 like personal droids in the next twenty years. Absolutely, positively. No question about it. And this time we could really see Bill's vision coming to life. I was so excited about having my own robot running around obeying my every command! I knew I would never have my own Robby the Robot or a real LIS Robot B-9. Much less my own personal Tetsujin T-28. But a three foot tall droid? Oh, yeah! That I could see happening.

Well, it's been many decades and I'm still waiting.... :angry:

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Hi Robot hunter, I think the interview was around 2003 so ten years ago!

Yes, I am disappointed although I have to admit my comment was inspired by the recent excitement at my first Roomba by irobot. It was fantastic and I thought the floodgates were about to open. Of course the economic crash must have hindered progress for the past five years.

Wanting a domestic robot is what drove me to building all that I have. In 1977 I saw the Quasar industries robot advertised at £2000. or so and thought it would be just a matter of time before I bought a used one!

As you probably know the whole thing was a publicity campaign and when all went quiet I got on with building my first five and a half foot tall domestic robot, loads of fun. Although I loved Robby I was drawn by the Ideal toy companie's Zeroids. In particular Zobor as a good basis for my domestic robot and the first one ended up a cross between Robby and Zobor.

Nice to speak Pat, cheers.

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I've just uploaded some more video's of my robots to the facebook page shawcraft which can be found here..



If you do visit and like my efforts would you mind 'liking' it for me, I know it's sad but that's life now.

Also there is a sequence of photographs showing the build up of a Planet Robot after unpacking.

And news of the latest venue for ROBOT the exhibition were you can get up close to some of my robots.

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Right, decided that building a copy of Cygan can wait and the Zeroids deserve some new year attention. Here are some photo's of progress during January 2014.

Note that the arm is simply a mock up to help keep me focused.

I really hope to have the first run started mid summer.

More photo's and updates are on the facebook page... shawcraft.

There's a flickr.com group 'zeroid robots' and a second group.. 'planet robots'.

And my website www.shawcraft.co.ukpost-677-0-09270500-1391012630_thumb.jpgpost-677-0-53600600-1391012650_thumb.jpgpost-677-0-56804800-1391012696_thumb.jpgpost-677-0-24588600-1391012874_thumb.jpgpost-677-0-10752500-1391012839_thumb.jpg

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Great Idea, I keep thinking how cool it'd be to build a repro box for the Planet Robots but the artwork was uninspiring. This though would look fantastic.. hmmm.

Painting Zeroid plugs today, look out for pics this week. Still a long way to go though and alot of work to do to fulfill orders.

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Painting of the plugs which the molds will be made from began today, 2nd Feb 2014.

The first pic shows the Zeroid plasticised which seals up the porosity of the mdf and hardboard.

The robot still has a mocked up arm and the base isn't ready for paint yet. The back view shows the torso vent slot and the shape of the waist bellows.


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Here's a new photo of my Ideal Zeroid collection. And some progress on Zintar's base with the display screen plug in place and one segment of the disc detail made. I'll make a mold from the single disc detail, then make 26 fiberglass reproductions to create the plug for this section.



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A quick update on the life sized Zeroid.

More can be found in Robot Talk life sized Zeroid.

The base is nearly ready to take a mold from and the separate panels are also ready.


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