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Andy Shaw's Collection.


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Andy, I'm speechless (and that doesn't happen often). ;) The giant sculptures are jawdropping!! :o Beautiful! I've always said, bigger is better, and they don't get much bigger than those. Well, I'm going to bed now and dream about your robots...nighty-night. :closedeyes:

Great, I dream about them alot also, I often dream of wires!


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Hi Noel, great to hear from you, happy new year. Mustang's still great and safe. Zeroid's plodding on. Updates on shawcraft site soon.

How's your new life down there?

Cheers, Andy.

Hi Andy at the moment life down here is...well it's hot! we're gonna have 40dg this weekend, luckily we have a large pool to cool off in. I'm following the snow reports and getting emails from mates...never known it like that in the UK since the 70's :o

take care...

ps, Fran had this car for a while, it's the actual car featured in the Ali G film!




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Andy drool..drip..drool...splat... can I come over and play!!! Are these robots the ones that were available from the UK company Sixteen 12???



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I thought I'd attempt to share my modest collection with everyone.

There is a robot in the collection which I was given at four years of age and three of the same type which I bought during 2008, at fourty four years.

I think I'm going to like 'em!

There are some I've bought, some I've been given and some I've built. I hope you like some of them...

There are more here... <a href="


I've just added a couple of pics of my life sized Planet Robot latest development. Having bought a tin version I just couldn't live without one! I've also rather foolishly sold the radio controlled walking version and so will have to build a new, revised and improved one over Christmas. Another pic shows some of my robots in an exhibition called Robot.





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The Planet Robots are predominantly fiberglass, I scaled an original Yoshia toy making drawings as I did so. I then designed jointing, mountings and rigidity to be moulded into the parts. Then I built 'plugs', original full sized model parts in wood, aluminium foam etc. then made moulds in fiberglass. Now I can make all the parts needed from fiberglass.

The lessons learned building the Numan robots, in this pic the silver robot, led to a very rigid and robust way of building the planet robots. For instance the Numans when out and about at shows etc would come back with loose 'ear' domes so the Planet Robot's are moulded with the dome, they can't be knocked off as they are one and the same piece. In fact the Planet Robot's dome is made in a two piece mould which includes all features apart from the face grill. This piece is made separately and so can be finished and fitted just like the original. The same goes for the chest unit. What I like about this way of building them is that all joints look like joints not just moulded to look like joints.

The feet for example are made independantly from the legs and so there is a natural and crisp joint, they look like they can move, and in fact on the radio controlled walking versions the feet, legs and pelvis do move independantly at these joints. There is a youtube clip or two of my Planet Robot walking at the link below.

Over Christmas 2012 I'll be revamping the shawcraft.co.uk website to include engineering drawings, schematics, circuits and suggested drive systems to develop a standard Planet Robot into a Radio/computer controlled walking, talking robot with tv camera. The cost of building the radio controlled walker's chassis, radio and drive systems is incredibly low, my own cost me little more than $200. and took a week, including complete development from scratch!

Imagine your own life sized walking robot for under $1000.post-677-0-26045000-1354098469.jpg

Of course a simpler interactive talking version would cost far less and all details will be on the shawcraft site soon.

Thanks for all the positive interest, glad you all like them.



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Here are some older photo's which include numan robots.post-677-0-02331300-1383297515.jpg

my B9 'ish robot which at one time was used as' Robonanny'. It kept our new born son, Will Robinson Shaw quiet while we had Christmas dinner!


My ray gun specifically designed for Numan's grip.post-677-0-90632200-1383297528_thumb.jpg

Numan cleaning up.post-677-0-57963200-1383297572.jpgpost-677-0-32911700-1383297589.jpgpost-677-0-64552800-1383297618.jpg

A couple of Zeroid pics.post-677-0-80260300-1383297679_thumb.jpgpost-677-0-04815900-1383297731_thumb.jpg

And to finish off ,post-677-0-68819400-1383298681_thumb.jpg the workshop recently

All great fun!

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