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hello to all

I've not introduce myself and and I was already making questions of Robots...

My name is Ricardo I live in Lima-Peru and I am a collector of Robots and Space Toys. I show the photo of the robots that I have. Not show photo of my Spaceships because they are not displayed correctly, I need more room. I suppose that is a common problem of all the collectors...

I look for my robots in the places where they sell used things or antiques. It is a little dificult to obtain tin Robots, for that reason most of my robots are plastics. All the Tin Robots go first to the sellers of Ebay (mirko22dog, ldsfantiques, hemale66, etc) because they already have good contacts in the market.

In my search I also find other tin toys like cars, airplanes, trains, etc, that I buy and keep to sell them in the future to buy more Robots.

It is dificult here to find robots in mint condition, they have a lot of rust. Most of the time I need to work hard to fix a toy and this forum have helped me a lot with all the information.

I'm happy to be here in Alphadrome.



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Rika, welcome to ALPHADROME!!

You have some interesting items in there such as Mr. Hustler, Horikawas such as Attacking Martians and many others that are staples in many collections as well as many beautiful plastic pieces, some I've never seen before. No matter how much we think we know here, we're always learning something new in one form or another. I like many types of tin toys including swaying Rosko Bartenders and die-cast but as you say, space is always a problem with collectors and their collections. We share your issues!! My daughter is also a collector of 'bots and space toys, it's hereditary and terribly addictive!!! :D

I collected these back in the 70's through the mid-'80's then was out of it for nearly 20 years until I was forcibly dragged into the whirlpool of ALPHADROME!! :o

There's also a dedicated thread for pics of collections, you might want to add them there too.

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welcome !! you have a nice collection. it is hard to find tin robots and space toys in the US as well . most are on ebay now-a-days.

enjoy our site!!

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Welcome Rika! Glad to have a new member join our little group. Very handsome collection of robots you have on display. Thanks for sharing! ;)

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Hello again rika:

Thanks for posting your collection pictures. I have injoyed them.

What is the robot in the top picture, top shelf with the blue head and brownish bodie.

Is it made of wood or paper ?

Welcome and have Fun !

Mr. Jan

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Hello Mr jan

The robot is made of cardboard. I have two one big and one small. I made and sell those robots on local handcrafts stores.


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Hi Ricardo, welcome to Alphadrome, nice collection, i love your big robot on right. Me too i'm a new member, i leave in France (Paris), see my collection (many plastic robots too). ;)


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Hello Rika,

Welcome to Alphadrome. You have a nice collection and I have a question. :D

On the fifth photo in the middle is a silver Horikawa Swivel-O-Matic Astronaut with a red chest frame.

Is this original or assembled?

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hallo Blech

That one is a assembled robot, I buy it wihout chest and I had this red swivel-o-matic without head and arms, so he was a chest donor.

You can also see that my Mr. Hustler is waiting for an arms donor.

This week I find also two horikawas without head, see a picture of one of theme. It is more easy to find Robot for parts than a complete one. oder?


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