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Kanaan's Collection


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These may not be robots entirely but there are a few here and there. I have a room in our home dedicated to housing my collection which also doubles as my model building room. I only posted a few of the pictures as I don't want to take up too much space on Brian's server. To see my models, go to www.plasticgalaxymodels.com. These are action figures and toys.

Some vintage Mego Trek here as well as three repro Mego figures by Dr. Mego. The Sulu and Chekov are repros as Mego never made them and the Romulan is also a repro. I could never afford the Romulan in or out of the package as he goes for about $500 to $1000. All of the other Megos are original as is the bridge playset. I have many autographed figures on their cards as I attend a lot of autograph shows. Some of them are shown.

Also some Vintage Star Wars here and some unlicensed 12" Blade Runner figures from Japan.

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