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Under the atomic rocket


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Hi everybody.

Collecting pictures for my wishlist (so I can dream to find them knowing what to check and how they are supposed to look) I found just two photos of the bottom of Atomic Rocket (lever action) by Masudaya.

What is there that they covered so carefully? MT? Cragstan? What?

Is there a secret? Why they covered it? Can someone quench my curiosity?

(If you can't answer because you're in danger just answer "There's an elephant".)


Thank you!

Atomic rocket Masudaya 12.jpg

Atomic rocket Masudaya 04.jpg

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Thank you!

Now the curiosity is why they hided it…


Thanks a lot

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I think when you see a factory touch up covering over an importers logo (you know it's factory by how bad a color match and the application is) it indicates that the production run was originally for the importer but for whatever reason this was an extra piece and ultimately imported and sold directly by the manufacturer.


There are plenty of toys that exist from that time that have an importer marketed version and a manufacturer marketed version.

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