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1978 Cylon Retrofit.


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This Toaster was Toast. Getting him open without aggravating the existing damage., a challenge .  After molding the wiring and lights were installed and then they fused the halves

together. Thin kerf rotary blade.  Built a weapon,Utility belt.Gauntlets. Sword, and reassembled the head. Removed the plasic periscope LED projector and added another LED for the roving eye.

While doing this project I thought about the show..Like Lost In Space,,many of us [Even as kids] only watched the show for the Props.  The Cylons were the best part of an otherwise lackluster

broadcast. I Also added a holding pin so the Cylon can be left turned on instead of holding the plunger. Still dabble here and there.








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Well done. It is a rework of the Captain laser figure (Major Matt mason line).


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Nice work, Mark. You can see the Star Wars influence in that Darth Vaderish head.

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It was a nice helmet. Both of them. On these fellas they aren't quite scaled correct . Hey it wasn't a planned project. I can;t bare 

to throw anything out. 🫠

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