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Space Monster Robot ? with gun


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Hi ,
First of all , thanks for letting me in to these forums 🙂
I stumbled on a few robots on a small auktion the other day  and now i am trying to learn more abut them.
This one i can not find when i search for it , i hope that there is some one with the knowledge in here that could give me the history of this item 🙂

I will upload one picture right now , and take more when i get home from work.

Have a great day !



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The robot was sold in different colors and names. This version is controlled by a light sensor in the head. 4 AA batteries and one 9 volt in the robot and the gun I think has one 9 volt battery. Since it is a claw foot walking robot it can walk backwards so when you hit the light sensor in the robot head it then walks backwards with a flashing light in the chest and beeping sound. The one on YouTube does not have a working light gun to control it.

Found this video on YouTube.


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Great 🙂 , Thanks for you information .

I will upload some more pictures aswell , having a hard time finding any onlie so hopefully it could help someone. 

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Upload a YouTube video of it working with the light gun if possible.

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Here is a video of the 3 versions I have of the non light blaster control versions. The My Robo was made in Japan the others were Made in Hong KOng.



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On 5/1/2024 at 9:43 PM, 6Stelab9 said:

One of the target robot games:


Awsome collection 🙂 
I am not worthy to call my self a collector , i picked up a few on auktion with a bit of luck 😄

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