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ebay Yonezawa Astro Scout - beware


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The one on left currently at $281 US listed as Yonezawa Astro Scout, same one sold at US auction house for $60 hammer price who correctly stated it was a re-issue, one on right obviously original. The perils of ebay. 



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Yes, had an email from Gilbert pointing out this fake. I say fake rather than repro because the auction is misleading. 


The interesting thing is that the front plate has the Yonezawa logo and Made in Japan wording of a genuine version. I wonder how they got there? 


TTT repros had the Tin Tom Toy logo and wording . Other versions had no wording or logo at the bottom.  (Repro versions below:)


The repro has those completely wrong legs.



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I wondered about that trademark on the repro .

That must have come off an original or are they able to repro these things these wonderful days. 🤬

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Amazing, it looks like someone is paying $491 for a common Chinese repro with a fake label stating it is Japanese, so be it.

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