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Korean space helicopter


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checking my collection on the alphadrome database there is something I didn't find. Is it possible?

One toy I didn't find is a Space Station 17 (on the toy, Space Ship on the box), made in Korea, in plastic and tin, with a Nasa pilot.

The trademark on the box seems to be of the italian importer, maybe the item number too.

I don't know anything else about it.




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It's funny, I'm just waiting to receive one. I think it was made circa 1980 and product at least until mid 80's. It was a version of the  earlier EO space ship ( I don't think it is in the database)



I have two relatives made in Korea and probably made around or during the 80's: Space ship by MTU  (left) and the Big boy  space ship by Century toy (right)


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Mine seems to be a very close brother of mtu one.

I agree the estimate of the 80s, regarding the style.

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I just googled ‘turn action spaceship’ and there is a fair bit to be found there. 

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Thank you Ranger. so we can add 3 Taiwanese versions:


spaceship TW 1.jpg

spaceship TW 2.jpg

spaceship TW 3 .jpg

spaceship TW 7.jpg


and two fairly recent chinese versions


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