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Mr Atomic - Genuine Vs Repro


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Gilbert sent this detailed explanation of the differences between the original and the repro Mr Atomics. It was in response to the finding of a possible original, but I've posted it as a separate topic for future reference. Thanks, Gilbert. 




After so many years I wonder why it isn't easy for some collectors to distinguish between repros from originals. The repro designers have made it possible, but the obvious differences have not been shown on comparison pictures



In this picture you see 1 and 2 Osaka versions, 3 MTH, and 4 is the blue original








Here are two originals,  5 and 6

The repros are mainly based on the silver version. Between the 2 red borders on each side of the feet there is 2 cm on a blue original and 1,5 cm on all the others versions








The next comparison picture shows the original on the left, Osaka on the right and MTH in the middle. Look the logo  on sides :  MTH does not have the logo Yonezawa, and Osaka does not have the logo Cragstan, but Osaka has the logo Tin Age









Now look the front, it’s always the best way to identify a MTH version, if the dome is clear look at the red line shown with arrows on picture, yellow circles are across the line on the Osaka and the original,  and under the line on the MTH









Inside Battery box there is often some foam left inside original battery door, MTH is stamped between the 2 batteries litho, logo litho Tin Age inside Osaka battery box









Now play a game, page 82-83 of the book Future Toys showing Mr Atomic are they both Yonezawa originals?






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I had to edit this and get my readers, lol. The silver is Osaka and the blue MTH. I have noticed the red border around the feet varies greatly on different originals as well as the red between the feet. If you only have a head-on shot to go by and the resolution is good enough look at the Cragstan on the front. The MTH is horrible and a dead giveaway. The Osaka is closer but where A meets the G and the R meets the A it is higher than the original, look at the silver its like higher waves where the original is calmer. Check it out.


I hope nobody bought those thinking they were original,





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Funny in these cursive Cragstans, the g is more like a q. Can you label these, Plasticaugie? Is the top an original? Is the lower one blue? They all look gray in these pictures. I'm trying to see the difference in the letters, but at slightly different sizes and angles it's hard to know what I'm seeing and to find any difference. The only thing I see is that the second a in Cragstan on the bottom picture looks a bit less slanted. Maybe that's just angle and curve of the piece? I just looked at my original and the red between the feet is rather off center. I think the whole cut was stamped a tiny bit to the left. 

Another thing about the photos, the one at the top of the post makes it look like the fellows on the outside edges have put on weight. It's amazing how much the lens changes the subject.

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Top is original, middle osaka, bottom mth which is silver. The Otti and original are pretty close, another giveaway is that the "r" on the osaka is wider. Craqstan CRACKSTAN

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