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Masudaya saucer needs ID


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I added  what seems to be a very common Masudaya saucer. But in fact, I couldn't find its name or see a proper box 




It looks to be exactly the same than the Taiwanese Space ranger 7



The pilot is different in the space ranger NO 3


and the light are inside the cockpit in space ranger NO 5


So what is its name and what is its box? maybe it is a just a variation of the NO 5?

Is somebody has a file for a 3D printing of the battery cover?it would be great :-))

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9 minutes ago, 6Stelab9 said:












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Thank you Gibert and Brian. Space ranger-7  is the name. But does a  box with english language exist?

I found an other picture of the Chan-lie version but not the Masudaya one


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I'm not saucer collector, but I do like this big dome!   Nice add, Stephane!

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I also have one That is Green. With different kind of Box and made in Taiwan.


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Thank you for the pictures Astrogonza. There are so many variations around this design including taiwanese and brazilian productions.

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