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We're going to be closing the forums around 5pm EST Monday, March 25th in preparation of migrating to the new server. During this time you won't be able to read or post to the forums, but the rest of the site will be available. We're downloading a backup copy of the forum and migrating on the 27th. We hope to be back up and running by the 28th or 29th.

When we return the forum will be updated and running on a new server. The theme will be different, and some links may be temporarily be broken as we put in redirects. Please pardon our appearance during this transition. Your existing username and password will not change.

Thanks for your understanding and patience!


Oz and JoshB

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We are now live with the new system! Let us know if you have any issues! If you encounter broken pages or 404, please try clearing your browser cache.

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Looking fine so far.


Can admins still see the missing images on old posts? It used to be possible to restore the pictures by editing the post. Slow and tedious, but better than nothing. I half hoped that the upgrade might fix this bug, but hopefully the images are still there in some form.

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