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As Promised My Newest Acquisition

Odd Scroobelle

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This particular Mr. Screwball is believe it or not from 1981and is NOT made by Frankonia!? I had no idea that Mr. Screwball was still being made. There are several notable differences between this one and the 1960's ones notably the sideburns, smile and the bottom of the feet are held in place to the inner workings with a tiny phillip head screw. This one was in near mint condition with the features~screws and bolts~ in a sealed bag. Now I am wondering if a later made Nuts N' Bolts Robot is out there somewhere. I am thrilled to add this later Mr. Screwball one to my collection! It truly is amazing the gems you find with robot collecting! One day I hope to display my full robot collection to share with everyone here.


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Very cool!   Thanks for sharing, Odd!   
I have a similar version of that chap above - I'll need to see what differences it has.    

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