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ALIEN 1 radio controlled Robot instructions


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OK, it was a George Hansley who agreed to sell me the pamphlet, been 21 days since the transaction, he seems to have disappeared after I paid him including $20 U.S. for shipping to me in Canada.  For robot stuff I've only ever dealt with folks I know, this proves why even in the simplest circumstances you can get screwed.  This is also the 3rd time someone has (within 5 minutes of me posting a want for it) offered me one, the last 2 times they didn't respond when I said I'd take it then they vanished too with no payment made. Obviously I was targeted 3 times over a 6 month period.


I'm kinda done with it now, so much scamming going on out there it's unbelievable. 


Hope the 'dromers are having a great day!!!!  You're the best and have never disappointed.



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Thanks Andy, not a big deal, however it seemed like such a simple thing I'm looking for it, you have it, send it, it's the 3 times that makes me SMH.  I've obviously been targeted....DOH!!!! Have a great day Andy, appreciated your reply.  Being on HERE restores my faith for sure!😎 Seller (George Hansley) is a member on Ken Netzel's robot/space toy FB page, that's where he replied to my ad. I feel worse about such activity disrespecting Ken's site with actions like this, maybe he has a valid explanation... I've tried to out him on there, we'll see what happens I just prefer to know what's going on.  Oddly enough he's supposedly a retired police officer from Tennessee with just a few pics of old folks on his page, not much else, I guess that gets your trust going when it should be avoided. Like the Russian 18 year old women wanting to 'be my friend'.  🙂Going through lots of personal crap right now including my older brother passing away in August among other things so this is pretty small potatoes in comparison but hey, we try to have fun where we can with the hobby.



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Well, I believe I got swindled on this one but still $57 collateral damage, my own fault.  3rd time I've been targetted/offerered one and doesn't appear.  I got hoodwinked with this guy, even the PAYPAL transaction vanished without a trace along with everything else about him.  I did report him to FB, these criminals are brilliant at what they do.



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George Hansley has been deleted as a member from Ken's FB site.


If any of you who've known me for some time.... ever see one of these available please let me know and I'll deal directly with you. Thanks.


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