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Bell Toys & Games Ltd. catalogue, London, England, undated

Joe K.

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From a recently ended listing (#125471179964) comes this undated Bell Toys catalogue:



Depicted: Space Water Gun, Cosmic Ray Gun, Spud Gun, Space Shooters bagatell, Zoomeroo bagatelle.


Space Teletalkies


Space Money Box, Atom Gun keychain puzzle, Planet Plane keychain puzzle.


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Thanks, Joe. Some very interesting toys here. I just wish they'd put the date on the catalogue. I guess in those times of low inflation the catalog would be valid for s few years. 


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I thought for sure a date would turn up on some of the other paperwork included, but no such luck.

A best guess would be 1956 based on the USA versions of Bell's Cosmic Ray Gun.



Note that the Electra/Electro lettering had not yet been removed for the catalog photo example of the Cosmic Ray Gun,




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