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Rare Sankei Space Tank ?


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I get quite a few of these auction alerts. This one is an interesting variation. The seller claims that the tank must be rare because it isn't mentioned on Alphadrome.  I guess the unusual light on the barrel made it a good candidate for a conversion.  What's the source of the little red guy? I can see it but can't put a name to it. 




Rare Sankei Space Tank

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Gun barrel appears to be from the same tooling for a Moon Patrol (Sankei/Yonezawa?) tank and flipped on its side.  Even the four 3 dot pattern appears on the "variation" tank gun barrel.  I don't collect Army tanks so do not have a direct reference for the M-70 tank.



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I also thought it was a marriage but Gilbert tells me that it is an a fairly common original toy, though the box is rare.  A military tank, though, with no space association - except that driver who's also in the Ichimura Space Tank. Dated to 1963. 


tank-m-70-Mt_18-april-1963 (1).jpg



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Forgive me. My First composite video on imovie Mac. As usual Apple makes everything more difficult than needed. I'll get better with the video. Missing Flint. Rear wheel dislodged. Squealed like a stuck pig. If it looks like a space tank and the driver is a space tank driver. It's a Space Tank. 😄   Pretty sure it's Cragstan.




70 Tank.jpg

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