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If you wish you can have your own collection gallery, much like the database. I've altered the naming to make it more inviting, I hope. 


Visit here for examples:




If you have multiple collections then you can have a section for each interest. Message me for details.  


You can document each image and link directly to your collection. Here, for example, is Martian Gil's Collection and here's a slideshow version Slideshow Version

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  • Brian.. pinned this topic

Wow Brian. I actually was just thinking about the collections yesterday. I think the collections pages get forgotten as they don’t come up in the feed when members add to them. I need to spend some time adding to mine.


Curiously, this is how the slideshow link displays when I click on it. I only am able to see the description. But I’m unable to figure out how to make the photos appear. I’m off to work. But I’ll check the collections again when I finish up today.



Fodder for another thread perhaps. But I’ve been wondering how things have been going with your resin printing since last you updated us with the Valve Robot.



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  • 3 months later...

Reminds me of the base of the ships...Earth Vs the Flying Saucers.


Also the tin cans some tin toys were made from.

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I must have missed this post about the error on the slideshow. It's not a feature I use. I'll take a look at it. 


The tin can icon is NOT my choice, it's a default on Coppermine, but it's sort of appropriate. 

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