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On 3/1/2018 at 10:54 PM, Martian Gil said:

Wait, no February space guns?   

Well, you know we have (nearly) all to make choices and I had good opportunities so space guns will wait for dry months. The competition does not seem fierce on my range of weapons.

And a new friend arrived this afternoon a bit late from planet February.



He had some trouble to find his way in the messy Astroport



But finally arrived safely



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The ApriLIENS :diggin:


Mild robot (Taiwan/JC). BTW Brian I noticed that he database indicate it was made in Japan which is an error.

Sir galaxy (HK/ International Topper corporation)

Robot non-Stop lance soucoupes (french box for the Starry robot under Celect 2000 brand). The robot is the same than the starry robot except that the "scientific toys"  embossed logo doesn't appear at the bottom of the robot.



I could'nt resist to add the Yone coffin bank I bought at a market flea for a few euros. 

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Thanks. Database adjusted. I tended not to concentrate on these later "bot" style robots because the subject has been handled so much better on TheOldRobots site.

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May arrivals on 6Stelab9'splanet including a fully working ROM and a 71/2 legged Mr Monster (I count on the progress of medicine to cure the poor spider one day. Missing one eye and the radar either)




Then I realized I forgot the two fairly recent Super Starriors (well 21 years old  though)   I enjoy their Star wars inspiration. They never have been out of their boxes.

Then the space(post)man brought me two new tiny friends . And I took some family photos.






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6Stelab9 's monthly report to Aphadromers:

In June, I was glad to welcome 2 new horikawa robots, 2 chinese repro or inspired robots (by HA HA toys and St-John), and two small robots: message and pocket bot.IMG_2018.JPG

And a recent Titi Robot I bought on a market flea which I think shares some kindness with our friend Zot.


And the classic family photos. I think the pocket bot fits well with XY6 and BE5P.

IMG_2021.JPG      IMG_2027.JPG IMG_2034.JPG

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Time to add more shelves, Stephane!

Didn't you add some of the Yone hopping Frogs?    I liked those also - I would make room for those :biggrin:

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