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Li'l GooGoo the Space Warrior, I never knew the name thanks for posting that pic. As for the Star Robots, the yellow version looks like a knock-off seem to be made cheaper and lighter.  I always figured the purple-leg robot I received yesterday was not a Star Robot, a fair bit different.



Love your mix, many scarce plastics in there.

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Thanx Morbius and Kobiashi Maru.

At the back of my L'il GooGoo there is written  "1979 C&D Ind.Ltd. HK N°1042 Made in Hong Kong" whereas on the yellow there is written "N°1129 Made in Hong Kong" under its feet and there isn't any manufacturer name on the card. I guess the Star robot have been produced a bit later.

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Great collection! 

Your new pick ups are super - the Mortoy Robbie is a personal favorite.


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Thank you!

An other good day for my collection: I've received two odd robots.

You already know  the armless Venus de Milo I guess...but did you know the two left arms Venus robot? A piece of art!

The other one is a Ideal Robot Bolts with its two tools. Ii was delivered with three other tools that don't belong to it. it's a bigger robot then I thought.


Venus Baby bolts .jpg

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new additions:

Bandai flippers robots




French version of Math genius robot (tiger electronics 1984)




And a beautiful Mars Gun. My first space gun! (well... not exactly, I've got a Zapp Brannigan atomic raygun :-))



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Thank you Roboto,

It's the trendmasters version. I must confessed i have never seen the TV program which wasn't aired on french television in the 60's (and later when I was a kid). It's a cool robot. I would like to have a Remco and a AHI version.

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New additions since august. Nothing exceptional but I'm very happy with my  SFA Terre-Mars saucer (I've been looking for one affordable  for months and finally get that odd "cheap" version but it's ok for me), the beautiful ST-101 rocket, and the 3 Durham-like robots. And I like the recent Brat robot probably inspired by Nao.



Forgot that Discbot on the family photo





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So, here are the last additions of the end of 2017 and of the beginning of 2018:


As I was in a toy shop looking for christmas presents,  I could not resist to this Tomy Mr Shopbot  


Then I caught this sonic control star robot


I don't know why but I feel like buying chinese tin robots these days (they seem happy all together except that grumpy Dark Templar!)


And the last one is a tin piggy bank robot that seems to be a bit impressed by the camera




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I love the eclectic plastic 'bots on your shelves among others, always great to see something I've missed.  Thanks for the update.


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