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My toys at the Think Ahead collection


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Well I finally made it to Melbourne and the Scienceworks museum. I got to see my toys in situ. Funny thing was I looked at some of the toys and went "I don't remember buying that one"



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The exhibition itself was good. They had A very good mix of static displays and interactive ones. 


One thing I liked was in the walk from the train station to the museum they had decorative posts to show you were heading the right way.


They also had a tour of the collection store where there were two large robots. One was made by a teacher in 1958 out of odds and ends. He did it to show show students what you could make if you let your imagination go. It had hands made from brake calipers and when it worked it's eyes flashed, it's head moved and it could pour a cup tea. At least that's what we were told. The other robot was a 4ft tall white skirted robot from the 80s that you could program with your computer.


Unfortunately you weren't allowed to take photos.



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