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Asahi Catalog 1976


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Here are the two robot related pages from the 1976 Asahi catalog. Interesting to see that the robots listed are from a range of manufacturers: Yonezawa, Horikawa, Junior Toys and KY (Yoshino?). That Galaxy Robot is called the "Up And Down Robot" and the Yonezawa MyRobo is "My Robot".

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This is akin to "Hysterical Harry" and "Laughing Robot" both being essentially the same toy although one of 'em has 2 battery boxes. I suppose the change of name makes the toy new.

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The Yonezawa MyRobo (red/yellow/black color combo) has already been Timeline dated to a 1976 Yonezawa catalog.

The other four:

Horikawa Attacking Martian (with Mr. Zerox-like arms),

Horikawa Video Robot (all black with this exact litho plate below screen),

Junior Toys Mr. Galaxy, and

Asahi Radar Robot

I believe, are NEW to the Timeline.

I find these pages more enlightening than confusing, Mr.H.

Nice find!


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Thanks, Stan. Asahi seem to be acting as agents for many companies rather than pushing their own brand.

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