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Alps Catalog 1963?


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Alps Catalog - possibly 1963 - based on the Rocket Man in Armor. This catalog would certainly appear to predate the confirmed 1967 catalog



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Notice that battery ops start with a 5 in the 4 digit code.

Wind ups appear to start with a 2.. Friction toys with a 3 ...... I believe.

If you have the patience this may give a production sequence which could date the catalog.


5281 Planet Explorer

5235 TV Spaceman

5339 Rocket Man

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1963 sounds like a safe bet, Brian.

The Planet Explorer tank has been Timeline dated to 1963:

as has Rocket Man in Space Armor:

I could have sworn that the Mechanical Television Spaceman was Timeline dated, but I couldn't find any documentation.

The Television Spaceman depicted is the first version from 1961. I suspect Alps was just too lazy to update the image, especially since the same 1961 version is used in the 1967 Alps catalog, four years later.

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