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22 minutes ago, RoboCopy said:

I have never been hip, so would not be able to say yes or no, but love those guys. The CK has such a good walking action.

I'm pretty far from hip as well, RC... don't feel bad, lol.
The Bandai mini's are fun little toys.



3 minutes ago, 6Stelab9 said:

:scratchhead: can't remember where I have seen this CK special. Is it one of your creation Kirk? The Bandai's minis look to be very friendly.

Hi Stephane, the CK special is one of Carl K's printed robots - the Mini V.1.0?   I forget his full and proper name :0
The good news is that unpacked the charging cord for the little grey fellow, so I might need to make a vid this weekend.   

Maybe pit him against one of these Bandai's... though working really well, they arent fast at all.

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here is the link to Carl's build of the little grey fellow.


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