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I think I am going about the start of my bot collection in a backwards way.   There are a few old pieces of tin on their way to my abode, but I felt compelled to make a kindly fellow to greet them when they arrive.

Please say hello to Gilbert - until some of his older cousins arrive, he'll be hanging out with my various space toys.




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Thanks Roboto!

I completed Gilbert's eyes just in time for him to greet the first arrival from the postman.
This porthole 'naut isn't perfect - and the remote is trashed, but he works!   bonus.   Time for a scotch!

Later, I'll ask about the right remote to look for - or just use a kit?

Cheers all!



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Thanks for the welcome Ranger.

I got several little repros - and a bright and shiny bender a couple weeks ago... Bender is decent - and a st. Johns mini seems well built, but the others aren't up to snuff.


As Tinplate6 reminded me, get what you like - I come from collecting Japanese tin race cars, (which is how I got into this mess, space plastic, to saucers & rockets.... oh man.


Anyway, porthole it was. As I said, not perfect for all - but perfect for me.  I was quite prepared to have a silent sentinel for my cabinet.   Now that I know he works... all I can say is wow.   I think I went from aspirin to heroin.

So now, his trashed remote status gives me a little side job in the meantime.  Any advice on methods to consider?


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Hi kirk

Your best guy to ask would maybe be John rigg, aka robothut, amongst others here on alpha. Maybe you could post a photo of the remote for starters?

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Thanks Ranger.

Should I do that in a thread (as a mention or something), or pm him (I will copy this to him in a pm as well - just wondered for  future posts)?   - if appropriate as well, someone could move this and open a new thread.

Here are a couple pics of the remote - I also have a little 16 sec vid of this guy in action.   I won't post the vid unless asked - I think it would be a large file.  Maybe I could put it on youtube if anyone is interested. 

The remote is zorched.  

The tinman himself seems strong - there is an odd whine about his motor, I'm not sure if that's some slippage or normal.
His leg action and right arm are strong - his left seems to have been moved at sometime and is not functioning with the motor.


His balance when moving is suspect.   No, I didn't give him any scotch.  ;)
I'm not sure if his balance is due to he wheels being a little age hardened and slightly out of round, or the fact that his battery wire is so rigid - that really seemed to affect his range of movement. 


It seems possible that at some point in his life, that he was opened? - he is missing one tab (on right side under gun arm).
I don't think I would be willing to do that to him again - especially after reading Brian's suggestions on repairing batt opperated bots.


At this point, I think I would like to connect an appropriate (or as close as I could get) remote to him and call it good - set him with my other toys and call it good.   What do you folks all suggest?

Thanks for any input - Kirk  




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  • 3 weeks later...

thanks for the advice Roboto!  
I have an old Linemar remote on its way to me now - it won't be original to Mr. Porthole, but it will work.

In the meantime, I need to re-organize the space toy shelf... the bug bit hard.  
I don't think any of these are even near perfect, but they seem to like it here.

They've forced the old inhabitants to a lower shelf.  And that isn't even making room for the Masaduya Space Commando who is traveling to me from the Netherlands... thanks Marco!

I know the spacemen / astronauts aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I get a kick out of them - I lean towards the 'nauts and the clunky looking beauty's.  

Here is how the habit has spread so far - with a newer Bender thrown in.  Bender keeps flicking ashes on the rest of the tin tho - so he may have to go..

The space toys have certainly invaded.

Cheers fellow 'dromers - have a great weekend!  




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thanks Ranger - it's a beauty... in a way.  Not my normal type of wheeled "crack".   and not really spacey - kind of a hybrid.


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