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3 minutes ago, 6Stelab9 said:

Great to see those vintage plastic robots in your collection Kirk. The other ones are fantastic too!


Thanks Stephane!    You and Alain are pulling me in new directions, lol!

Bonus - the Sears Karate & the Monster both run and are boxed 🙂

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Another pop in to share some of the recent adds.  
many 3d prints - and several of the kits that I've been trying to get to.



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On 12/24/2020 at 6:59 PM, Martian Gil said:

The last robots for 2020 for me - the Space Monster arriving in the nick of time 🙂

May 2021 be amazing for all of you and yours!


Great additions Kirk, what is this pretty gray robot on the right ?

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Cheers to you and yours, Alain!
This little bot is one of John Rigg's gems.    The others here are his mini Radicon & mini Golden Sonic.
This winter I detailed it a little.
He's a speedy little bot!



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Argggghhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! They are so cute, I love them !!!!!!! 😍 Is it still possible to buy some ? I really like your collection 🤗


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Hola, fellow robot and space toy nerds.

I need to do a better job of showing changes to my toys here - when I look,  realize how fluid my toys are many of my old anchors are still here, but many have moved on... and I'm still up to my ears in projects.   
Oh yeah - I was super fortunate to be able to snag a gem of a model kit - - Tetsuwan Boy!  


Brian asked me for pics of his motor housing a few days ago and I found time yesterday afternoon...
I found myself in a struggle.
I stared at the kit for about 30 mins and I could not make myself take the housing and other bits out of the packaging!

I find myself on the other side of the fence now - I might not be able to make myself build this one.
Funny.   I really want to build it, but today I have that first taste of doubt.  Weird
And, I have so many other projects for fun and such.
Oh, but this one is special.   And the box art is pure eye candy!  So I have other ways to enjoy Tesuwan Boy.
He's on the backburner for now.
Also - I was surprised to learn that this model is rempote operated - part of the kit.   Amazing toy!!!!


Another amazing and WEIRD toy;





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