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6 hours ago, Martian Gil said:

I don't think there is anything new in this shot...


I just love the look of the toys in the cabinet in the am.   It reminds me of an old toyshop.


i just love that feeling 

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A little re-arranging... a couple have come and gone as time goes by. 


Very pleased to add Andy's "Neon", the last of his Gang of Six Noble Gases.   

I've always admired his robots - for good reason.   If you get a chance to snag one, do it.   Great artistry.   Thanks Andy!


p.s. - the light really caught Mr. Robot's face just right & gave him a bit of a freaky look.



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Wow! Kirk that is one cool Andybot.

I love the way Andy now adds the rust ageing I feel it really gives them more presence.

Also the design of Neon in my mind leans towards the classic Thunderbirds, Fireball XL5 type robot's.

Great choice, and Andy if you read this, Excellent work as always.:hail:

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Thanks, guys. Yes, Neon was feeling a little left out when the other five Nobles left him. Kirk to the rescue! He looks great on your shelf with his kin.

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A great collection and a great Neon MG.

The tin and plastic bots blend well together.

But where have all the CLUNKERS gone?? 

No more the king of the clunkers.:biggrin:


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Andy he makes these amazing robots

i like them so much 

i need to get one of him one of these days for sure

very cool addition MG

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The cabinet is experiencing a bit of an overcrowding situation... lol.


I've been selling / trading off most of the cars to supplement the robot habit, but that's led to another problem.   Smaller space figures!

I'm trying to figure out how to minimally display the small stuff whilst my youngest is still under our roof...  then to take that room over with space toys....  mwah, ha, ha!  :diggin: 





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Seeing a well maintained collection of highlighted robots is always a delightful feast for the eyes. Love the display cabinets as well. Great job and fantastic collection!  :wub::thumbs::wub:

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as usual, the cabinet re-shuffling is an ongoing process - but, I'm not complaining.   I've been fortunate to be able to add several great robots to my collection in the last several months.   


The pace of the robot additions has slowed, but with Bigbang's help, I've made some very cool adds to my smaller piece group as well.    

The only bad part about that is that I haven't settled on any smaller cases that I love yet.    No worries - a work in process :)

The lol part of my "smalls" collection is that it now out numbers my robot collection... sigh.

The last pic is another great looking pair of Johillco figures that I added with RT's help.   

Cheers all!  








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