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Tinplate's Collection: A New Tour


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Say whaaaa....incredible collection brady!!! Incredible!!! I seen older pictures of your room full of robots and guns but I didn't know you now live in a museum:)


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Museum...it has a nice ring to it. Seriously though, thanks for the compliment Martijn, although I'm sure your collection would make mine look a bit small. Mine is quite the mix, I don't have a lot of the classics.

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Brady as a fellow prolific poster I thought it was my duty to look at your collection.

I don't want to drool too much but I'm virtually speechless.

You honestly must be so proud of what you have accumulated

over the years. As someone said earlier you are at museum status.

Love it.


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I think we are a few thousand miles apart and I dont think a robot oriented holiday is high on my wifes wishlist.

In fact every time I mention Brussels she says you only want to go there to see one of your alphadrome ' mates'

( English phrase)

robot collection. 

Perhaps you should compile a list of collectors on this board who live nearest.

A visit to your museum:thumbs: would have the makings of a great robot weekend .:biggrin:

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Ha! Actually, Spark, I have a local get together every October, but the list of "mates" that can attend, dwindles more each year.  :blush:


Say, if I ever win it big in the lottery, I'll fly all my European 'Dromers over here for free!! :pigsfly:



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