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Tinplate's Collection: A New Tour


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I thought it was time for an update to my collection, so I took new shots of everything. I will hold off on commentary to save space. Oh, and I have no idea why my photos post so faded, must be an old camera.















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Brady, you've got more than just a collection. I'd say it's literally in the realm of a museum status. Rarely have I seen a collection so well set up and organized the way you have.  (Well, from my personal visiting/experience Joe, John Rigg and Phil are your closest contemporaries with this).  Was a fun visit 2 years ago and you and your wife were the most gracious hosts to a bunch of robot nuts (nee: nerds). Thanks again for that and the putting together of an amazing array of items from robots to ray guns to moon creatures...monsters and especially loved the incredibly rare Dr. Seuss kits. The tiny rare plastic figures I found very interesting.  :thumbs:

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Brady, world class as always!  What are the robots holding hands on the glass coffee table?

Also, try downloading a photo program called Picasa...it's free.  It has a "I'm Feeling Lucky" button...one click and it does a good job at fixing your photos; it would brighten these up dramatically.






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An absolutely fantastic display and Morbius is right it is a museum. Kelly was looking over my back while I was viewing your post and started saying "Oh no, is that where you're going with this?" I replied "of course not, I mean it's a nice display, but that's way too much" ( my fingers were crossed under the table 😂)

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All, thanks for the kind words; I suppose I am a bit particular when it comes to displaying my collection (read retentive). :blush:


Tinman, that's a neat little app you've got there; the funny thing is, the photos don't look faded until I post them...some do, some don't, it's very inconsistent.  :breakit:


The two amorous robots you see are actually beautiful plastic sculptures created by artist Brett Mich who has an online studio out of Esty named R2Deco. The figures are 3D printed and fully articulated, standing 12 inches tall. The designs are based on classic cars from the 1950's. As he states in his website; they aren't toys, they're posable art.






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Brady, I am astonished at the order that you have imposed on your wonderful collection. Not in a million years could I achieve anything so bloody tidy.

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Thanks Phil, I'm looking forward to seeing your collection up close at Botstock this year.  :thumbs:


Brian, it took two years to set up what you see here, but anything is possible.  


Ranger, I have been collecting toys for over 30 years now, and there's a whole lotta stuff that is still in storage, soon to be sold.



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