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description of M.A.R.S. ROBOTS.

"In the year 2050, the people of earth sent an elite force of robot commandos to the planet mars to make it safe for the growing number of humans. 200 year later, these evil cyborgs won't go away. In order to make the planet safe for human life, the people of earth built a new set of robots to battle the evil commandos. Each with a distinct mission and power to save humanity, the M.A.R.S. robots are ready to battle whatever machine comes their way"

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ROBOT FANS without further ado .

not vintage but repo lillyput robot windup

ha ha goofy cute!

Their singing barber shop quartet. do re mi fa sol la ti  



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Thanks i got these about a year ago ,

they represent one of the first toy robots,

 if you have an original even better ,

i like them and treat them good,  but my favorite robots are the battery operated like horikawa star strider and the evils .

but i still appreciate tin robots too.

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Thanks roboto your the king of wonderful photos

Drummer robot the litho is very good it has a rocket and planet saturn on drum ,he marches and plays drum ,

this is another one i got a year ago.



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