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Altairas updated collection


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Thanks to Robert Whitmire I received a surprize in the mail this morning, thank you very much for the addition of this guy: 



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  • 6 months later...

Terrific unique addition to my robot shelf today courtesy of Brian Hayes, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!  Brought my spirits up, thank you for your thoughtful generosity. 


Scoops box.jpg

Scoops2 (1).JPG

Scoops2 (2).JPG

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Altaira a Very cool robot. I have always loved this image ( now in 3D ) ever since I saw the Scoops comic cover ( now your box art ) Hope you are feeling better.


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  • 1 year later...

Great looking collection, alot of stuff packed into those cases! I feel like a kid at a candy store! I'll always remember seeing the robot with tbe dress when we popped in at Botstock X ! I hope you always keep that dress on that  Robby !  :thumbs:

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