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I changed some displays in the mancave. In addition, there are a lot of new items since last year. I also took items out of storage and displayed them with their boxes. Also some new lighting. I now have about fifty space paperweights added on display.











More of the same in other rooms.








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Very artistic Phil.  Beautifully balanced with a great selection of many types of collections within such as the Buck Rogers and Mars Attacks displays. Wonderful, it'll take a while for me to peruse the whole thing.  Thanks for posting these, collections here can be wonderfully diverse and fresh to look at.

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That's "real purdy" there Phil...seriously, nice job, and some great stuff, not to mention your fantastic scratch-built rockets; nicely done.

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Very nice Phil.....love the lighting and your use of paperweights....looks fantastic....congrats!


Phil what is the Silver Rocket in this pic ...far right.....thanks Mark


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Great new arrangement Phil, good to see a collection come together and displayed well!  I like the way you have the Plasticraft car displayed under the raiser with the futuristic car on top; space cars and the like are hard to display, especially if you have a lot.

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Beautiful Phil....awesome work.....love that lamp....I have two old lamps myself but I wish I had you know how on how to make the rocket....nice talent!


I also noticed this small rocket.....cool   regards Mark/nasa 


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So thats how its done, I wish I had that clarity of mind to be able to display things so well. It must be a real pleasure to sit in the middle of that. My life is just spent edging round cardboard boxes and having every table or work surface covered in dismembered junk. Just fab that Phil.



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Phil, can you provide a larger image of the top, white Space Raider Squadron car you have on display in the 12th pic above; I think it's one of the two I "need" for my collection?  Is it hard or soft plastic?  I'd also like to find one like the red one on the bottom of your display but I've never seen one in hard plastic.

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This is a wonderful display, tastefully arranged.  Even on first glance it's obvious that a lot of thought went into the arrangement of items for each different area of the room, and I applaud your effort to give the room a crisp, uncluttered look. While the collection does dominate the decor, the room appears to remain a fully usable, fun space!  That's not an easy trick to pull off.

The layering of your space car displays is also a really nice touch, maximizing space and creating a better display technique.  They can be quite boring when viewed on a single plane, but each vehicle really pops in vertical displays like yours.  As far as the items themselves you definitely have some great stuff, but the scratch-built rockets steal the show, particularly the big Buck Rogers piece.  (Love that one!)  Did you build these yourself?

The only other questions that I have are:  how much square footage was required to achieve this layout, and where did you get the tall white display cabinets with doors?  Thanks for sharing!

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