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Jean Höfler Astronauts French funny "clones"...


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  • 2 months later...

I just got these from France, not painted & some interesting figures w/ capes, maybe aliens? They actually resemble the aliens from the 1960's Japanese film "The Mysterians" where all the aliens wore capes.


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Hi Bob!


I have already published them in this thread: http://danefield.com/alpha/forums/topic/17876-jean-höfler-astronauts-french-funny-clones/


They should be French, as by Blechroboter's blog article ( http://www.blechroboter.de/info/jeanhoefler/index.html - bottom of the page), and, as you note, the similarities with the Mysterians aliens are strong indeed...




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  • 8 years later...

I came across this bag. It is open but contains some Jean Höfler Astronauten clones. It is a generic card header showing a comics heroe  carrying a flag. There is an interesting label on it where it is written "sachet espace" (space bag) which would confirms it was filled with astronauts ( I wonder if there was other toys in it but I can't think about plastic space related toys which would fit with the astronauts), a date:  08/11/83 and a price I guess 15,60 FRF (around 2,37 €).

The brand is Hugonnet jouets which belonged to Feral, a toy compagny who produced unexpensive plastic toys in the seventies ( I don't know much more about it) and it is made in France;

So I think it' a good evidence that those astronauts were made in France in the 80's (but probably also in the 70's)



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  • 4 months later...

Another bag of astronauts with a generic card header. There is no "made in France" written here, just "the conformity of this product to french standards is guaranteed by FERAL".


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