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My Small Collection,


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Great addition they are a wonderful set to have.  :thumbs:

Thanks, Roboto!Indeed ,there are veryi nice!

Those mini-gang 'bots are wonderful. My daughter got a set of those for Christmas about 10 years ago. Beautifully built by Masudaya one of the original robot making companies.

yes,Morbius,that s right,i have wait to have them,now there are to me,is missing the sonic one,i hope that i will find him on a good price!

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And now my Rockets! :)

HODRAKETA, made in Hungary ,on the box is stamp1983 APR 13.


GYÖRI GYAREGYSEG.The name from the fabrik.

i have some fine oil ,i put in al over the small holes,that was full mit oil inside.after i have clean it and from outside i have a car wax,i think that will be  enough for the next years!





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Interkosmos,i think that this model is made for the Russian market,wee can see the russian write,i m not sure,but is a model after Holdracheta(i think),also the fabrik is change,but i m not sure when was that for sure.Ihave also noticed that the material quality,is not the same like Holdracheta,is weeker.on the box from these one is only : LEMEZARU GYAR;this means that the companies split,i don t have more information!Veryi nice piece,!!!



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and this one is my beauty :)

NAVETA SPATIALA;made in Romania(my country) maker; AGATEX ,1979, there are very many nice pieces also in my country made from Agatex,i have only this one,there are very rare,no chance to find something whit box you are lucky when you find the toy, enjoy.. :)





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