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Well, I'm not quite ready for prime time because of an Ikea Detolf cabinet problem but I did finalize my system for displaying my small ray gun collection. I'm using Ikea "Spontan" magnetic boards with pegs attached to super-strong "neodymium" mounting magnets. The magnets allow the pegs to be adjusted, accommodating any gun configuration, so I'm not tied to predetermined holes. I still have 15 or 20 more guns to mount but I need to order the magnets now that I know the direction I'm going. My current plan is to build frames for the magnetic boards, painting them to look like riveted metal, but I'll have to wait for warmer weather.

A few experimental guns on display:


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Tinman...fantastic! :ohmy: I had tried the same solution years ago, without success because the magnets just would not support the guns safely. :frustrate: Had I known Ikea made this, my whole approach might have been different. I'm sure this will be a great display piece when finished. :biggrin:

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That is a great way to display those guns. I have experience with those neodymium magnets and they most certainly will support considerable weight compared to conventional magnets. Don't get your fingers pinched under them! You also just gave me anew idea for displaying robot boxes using magnetics. Thanks!

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Thanks guys, I probably put way too much thought into this system but in the end I think it'll work well. At first I was qoing to build a frame and mount a piece of tin to hold the guns but when I found the Ikea magnetic boards it was a no-brainer. They're sturdy and painted very well but only measure 31 x 15.5 inches. The magnets can be expensive at about $2.25 each, but come down in price with larger orders. I chose the smallest magnets with a 4-40 threaded male end but they come in many configurations and sizes. The pegs are actually nylon electronic standoffs finished with a small "bonded neoprene washer" and nickel-plated acorn nut. I hope the washer and acorn nuts aren't too distracting, perhaps you could provide some feedback.

Neodymium mounting magnets purchased online from J&K Magnets, Inc.


Nylon standoffs in various sizes with 4-40 threaded male and female ends; purchased from Amazon:


Bonded neoprene washers purchased from Lowe's...they have a rubber gasket bonded to one side to minimize scratching of the guns:


4-40 thread size nickel-plated acorn nut purchased on Amazon:


To finish things up I attach two small nylon cable ties to eah peg; they can be slid back and forth to help keep the guns positioned and stabalized. See below pics...

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They look great Bill! The magnet approach gives you a lot of versatility in reconfiguring the displays. If you think the metal washers and acorn nuts are distracting, you could use nylon washers and acorn nuts and see if you like those better.

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Thanks guys! I thought about using nylon washers over the ones I chose but figured two white dots would be more distracting than silver ones; I think I'm happy with the look overall. I ordered 50 magnets ($$$) from the online vendor and should be able to work on my remaining guns in a few days.

Ultrarobotman, I understand what you're saying about using magnets to display your boxes, I thought about that myself as well as other ways to diaplay some of my small items...stand by!

One thing I could use some suggestions on, is a way to prevent the magnets from scratching the magnetic board surface as I slide them around to position the guns; if your not careful the paint can easily be damaged. I want to use something that's not hard to make or do, perhaps a disc of felt or tape...something thin to buffer the two.

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I'm making progress on my display room and continue to add and move things around daily; here's what I have so far:

Tin lithographed targets:


Display cases...I may stick to these four, plus one of the new cases I mentioned a few days ago; that case will hold my spacemen, space vehicles, etc.:


A couple closeups:




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I've had these since 1980, I think I'll bust them out of the plastic and find a place to hang them:


Space guns and spacemen displayed on Ikea magnetic boards. The spacemen have been hung using a single magnet and a couple felt feet for stability.



Yes, even Mike will be on display:


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Wonderful displays Tinman. I've been waiting patiently to see the results of your labour of love on these artifacts, so nice to have things in order isn't it? One day I'll have to take action in some form to get my robotroom from looking like a booth at a market. Looks like someone's sneaking a little something into one of your droids.

That reminds me, I must be suffering from a bad 'motivator' :rolling: that's why I can't get it all together. These kind of posts really get me thinking...

It's difficult to believe Mike travelled all the thousands of miles he did through so many addresses throughout the world and never got misplaced, amazing. He deserves to sit back (or stand) and relax with a little fusil oil.

Well done, love it!!! Great pics you know who can appreciate them (oh and the toys too!!!) :biggrin:

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Looking really good Bill! The tin litho space targets really do add a lot to the room. I like the superior space port displayed with the plastic space rocket car in front. The two pyrotomic vehicles are great! I'm still looking for the Fire Control car. The box displays of the spacemen are really a nice touch.

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