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RUSTY CRUSTY - Atomic Robot Man & Sparky Robot


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Vintage car collectors would call them "barn finds" as they would be rusty cars found stored in forgotten barns. There is a segment of collectors who prefer the original "patina" of a barn finds.

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Those are fantastic ! The would look great in a diorama of a destroyed cityscape.

As though the giant robot were finally stoped, and left to rust in the surrounding wreakage.

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i contacted the seller because I wanted to be sure if the robot is free from ANY litho or paint.
He stated in his description that the robot is perfectly shiny rusted and free of litho or paint but if you look good to the pictures I see some scattered paintspots.

Hmmm this brings down the value for sure..

Further I think the astronaut IS actually working... I dont hope so because I only collect NON working ones :)

great bot.... must have ! :)



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RC, that's great!    lol - I missed out on that one, for certain!    Though I likely would have passed - the Mr Merc head style has always turned me away a bit... someday.

Now, I employ this little Dark Knight on his scooter to run through the cabinet at night - hunting down and stopping corrosion dead in its tracks.
He's like an aqurium cleaner for me... just doing his things at night... being a bit broody, etc.   
ZFrom time to time, he seems to hold one of those infamous "Wayne Industries" Gala's.    I'm never invited though.    

Last year, I did get a funny little repainted ARM from Italy.    Quite ghastly - I felt so bad that I needed to rescue him.
I'll add a shot of him later on here.


Cheers all, and I hope everyone is staying safe and cool.





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On 7/22/2022 at 10:10 PM, RoboCopy said:

This one just sold. Will probably show up on Kirk’s shelves 😝


Hi Robocopy,


Not on Kirk’s shelf but mine and, after some repairs and a respray, he turned out quite well…




And thanks to John’s video, about the robot’s voice box, got him talking again…




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41 minutes ago, 6Stelab9 said:

The repaint is very well done. Do you have step by step photos of the restoration?

Thanks 6Stelab9,


I’ve a few photos of the rusty insides, but not many. I do have these two photos taken after the undercoat and the first coat of paint. Eventually did three coats of paint to get good coverage.
The last photo shows the chest plate; because I couldn’t salvage the lithography I resorted to printing a copy of it on a sublimation printer, separating the top thin plastic layer of the paper used in the printer and glueing it to the chest plate. Then paint over whole chest plate with a lacquer. Done that before and gives a good reproduction of original lithography (until I can find an original part!).






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