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larry seven

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The Nomura Robot tractor is tan. I have seen in gray and tan. This was a surprising find. The battery case needs some cleaning and needs new treads (I'll get from Classic tin toys). This was a heck of a find. It was on ebay in the wrong ebay category, and I got it for $65.

Call it a midlife thing, I have on a mission to get back into robot collecting. The reason I left in the first place was then (1980's), good pieces were hard to find (no internet) and getting increasingly expensive. My income at the time was such that I just kept getting discouraged. So, when the wife wanted to build a house, I sold my stuff off and collected other cheaper toys.

During that period I made friends with some great collectors, Bob Colleen, Brian Moran, etc. I since lost contact them. I heard through this group that Bob passed on.

Now, since I started building my full size "lost in Space" B9, I just gravitated back.

I have always loved robots, and the friendship that it brings with others of like interest.


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🙂 Hey Alphadromers. I've a question concerning SH walking shooting robots. I have just seen a picture of a fly eyed robot with front guns that open out foreward, and I notice that it has a top panel that opens upward first. I have an Astronaut faced robot with this type of guns, but I had never notice the upper panel on one of these before. Had I just missed this and mine is incomplete, or were some made without the upper piece? Here is a robot for sale with the upper opening panel.


Thanks, -Larry


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Larry, you can see this robot on page 169 of the Taschen/

Kitahara book, Robots and Spaceships. I've been told that

it was a Japanese only version of the Swivel-O-Matic Robot.

The common versions don't have the guns covered.


Rocket 2, these are the Robots i was talking about.

On closer inspection, I was obviously seeing things.

There is only one silver Video Robot. :blink:


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🙂 Thanks, Robotnut. So the list of rare variations of popular SH robots starts with a Brown Attacking Martian with light up eyes, Gold version of Attacking Martian, then includes Japanese market only robots such as the red eye version, the covered guns version on Swivel-O,... what else? -Larry 7

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Since the Japanese did not have a space program,

several Japanese market TV robots have Dinosaur

movies instead of space scenes in them. There's

also a very rare all metal robot based on the

Mr. Patrol chassis. It has clear plastic chest guns

and a grey lithoed chest plate. I've never seen one

on eBay or in person, but I think it is called Thunder

Robot... :o

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🙂 No kidding! How about that, now I have to look at all space scenes in the tv robots that I see to find dinosaur movies! Too cool! SH Mike, have you ever come across Dino movie Horikawa's? -Larry 7

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Here are two that our friend Martin aka Martian from

Australia has in his collection. About four years ago

him and I were both bidding on the red eyed TV Martian.

He won and payed over $400 for it, no box... :(


Both of these were "Japan only" bots and both

play dinosaur/Godzilla movies. You may also notice

that they both have Busy Cart Robot arms, but why ???

Here it is with the very rare box and the reason for

the gripping hands. These guys came from the factory

holding a Godzilla type dinosaur. How cool is that ???


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That is too cool! Now we know why the dinosaurs are extinct! Thanks for the lesson. Now all we need to know is who sent the robots? :unsure:

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:) Amazing! I'm speechless. Do the hands actually grip?

I just saw that there is a mid 1970's gold color SH TV robot on Ebay.de (Germany). -Larry 7

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The hands don't open and close. They are

fixed in an open position, just enough to

strangle the dinosaur. These are the same

arms that are used to hold the cart that

comes with Busy Cart Robot.

My German is not very proficiant, but I found it.

This guy is not a Horikawa, but a 1970's Hong Kong

robot. These show up now and then and the gold

TV Robot is quite common. I had one of these TV

robots in black a few years ago and it was really a

piece of junk. Every gear was plastic and forced onto

a metal shaft. Needless to say, most of them were

cracked... 😠

The robot walks and stops. It does say it shows

a scene from "Weltraum" space. Sorry no dino

movie on this one...




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Paul, your Rusher Robot is so cool !

I had no Idea how tiny this guy is.

I believe the "Thunder Robot" that is in the Kitahara

book is actually called New Fighting Robot. I see that

Rocket 2 has an excellent example. I rarely see this

robot. Is it rare ? Is it expensive ? :huh:


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I agree...I've always liked Rusher, but I always figured he

was much bigger than he is !!!

But that's not why I wrote....

My newest SH family member arrived from South

of the Border today, and I promised to add him to the list !!

Forgive me if I seem like a gushing parent, but this guy

is SO COOL !! The seller said he was near mint, and although

I had my doubts, he is just as nice as described !!

He has one small paint nick on his foot, and that cheesy plastic

on/off switch is broken. Other than that, he looks like he just

came out of the box...Super clean, and runs like a swiss watch...

I believe I am actually GIDDY !!! 😄


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