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Gernot's Flying Saucer And Spacetoy Collection


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You've discovered the only "downside" to alphadrome, Andy -- you'll get a lot of exposure to toys you previously didn't care too much about. And then you'll learn to appreciate them... and soon one'll catch your eye that really appeals to you. So you'll buy it. And feel like your collection looks weird with only one example of that particular toy. So you'll buy one more. And then another. And the next thing you know, you're collecting something besides robots.


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O.K. I do what I can.

Lets start with FINEAS wish,


Freshly unpacked and cleaned, the "FLYING SAUCER 7" also known as the "FLYING 7 SAUCER"

Maker or more likely wholeseller company: MARUBISHI

Made, I guess, somehwat in the early 60s.

Here is a picture of the toy , followed by a closer look to the Astronaut in the cockpit.

(How can I post more than one photo in an answer ?)

The Litho is bright and colorful, especially the fire and smoke coming out of the "exhaust pipes"

I wonder if this saucer is propelled by a normal rocket engine,

see the six exhaust pipes, might be a 6-cylinder. spark ignition, fuel injeced engine ?

I dont have a box for this toy.

Who is in posession of the box or can locate a picture ?

This toy seems to be of identical shape and function with the follow up,


see Future Toys Page 196, No 354 from the same company and also see Future Toys book page 125, No. 181, Flying Saucer 8, by Haji.

All three saucers must come from the same toy maker.

The astronaut in the Astro 8 looks very similar to the one in the No. 7 saucer.




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(How can I post more than one photo in an answer ?)

Well Gernot,

One way is to download a free program called Irfanview which has a simple to use panaramic funtion. This allows you to easily join 2 or more photos together either verically or horizontally for ease of display in this type of forum. I joined your two photos verically as an example.


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Alternately, if you have your own server (or you lease server space for a web site), you can upload your image to it, and then simply link to it using the IMG button. This can be done as many times within a post as you'd like.

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WOW! I never knew that saucer existed before. I have both the Flying 8 and the Astro 8 saucers and both of them are stamped Haji on the toy and the box for the Astro 8 is marked Marubishi. I allways thought that Marubishi was the importer only. Does your Flying 7 saucer say "Marubishi" on the toy itself?

This saucer is so beautifully lithoed, it's relationship to it's two brothers reminds me of the Television robot in relation to Flashy Jim and Sparkling Mike. Thanks for the pictures. :)


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Hello Fineas, wonderful the picture with your two saucers.

I especially lik e the box for Astro 8.

Yes, the Flying Saucer is marked with MAR UBISHI on a banner in three circles.

Please note that the space between the words MAR and UBISHI is really there.

I tried to make a picture of th mark, but it was not possible. The camera could not focus on this mark clearly, maybe becasue it is black on red surface.

There is no other mark, just "Made in Japan"

I will ask some Expert during my next trip to Japan (Beginning of September) about this company.

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I certainly don't want to steal any thunder from Gernot and his wonderful collection, but I know that you also have quite an extensive space toy collection, as you have enticed us with bits and pieces over the past year and I was able to thumb through your photo book at Botstock. How about a few pictures of YOUR overall display!

BTW, I just picked up a store display case similar to the one that you appear to have that will be used exclusively to display MY spacetoys, only my collection wouldnt fill a shoebox at this point. I don't even have one Haji Saucer yet!

Please show us some pictures! And I would love to see your overall display.

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