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Geyper Pop Ray Gun


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Finally -- FINALLY -- picked up a Geyper space gun for my collection. This is one I've wanted for a while. I actually snagged it about a month ago, but shipping was sloooooow from Spain.

I'm really happy with the condition -- the chrome is pretty much perfect, except for just a slight bit of roughness here and there. But nothing actually missing. No chips or cracks, either. However, it's missing the string and cork... I can live with that.

It's a little smaller than I'd thought it'd be, but the scale feels right for the amount of detail, so I'm cool with it.

Anyway, it was definitely worth the wait. 🙂




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Congratulations Doc, I was wondering if you had received it yet. Glad to see it finally arrived. It is a really beautifully classic looking raygun.

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Thanks, Joe. I remember when you got yours -- THAT was a heck of a score.

I do like that my Spanish gun was actually sent to me from Spain. :)

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Congrats there Doc....I know how bad you wanted one of these, I'm glad you got it. I always liked the chrome version over my red one. :)

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Great acquisition , Brian. I really like some of the foreign guns. The horizontal lines really set it off, especially in plain metal.

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