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The Nasa Collection 1983- Present......


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Hi Gang....well i finally got around to putting my collection in pics....starting in 1983 and for me culminating with the Howard Griff colection in 2000. My collection was well stocked in the year 2001. A few of you know I was stricken with Cancer in 2001 (Lymphoma) and decided to part with many of my high end robots and space toys to many of my collector friends. For me it was a blessing in disguise, wasnt sure if i would endure but happy to say I am still here today 9 years clear. I now had a modest collection but each new find brings me much comfort and joy . I am now more attracted to vintage space toys and robots I have never owned and am still fascinated by the battery operation of these friends from my past. I have met some great friends along the way, far too many to mention here but just wanted to give a word of thanks to everyone that has helped me with this fascinating hobby. You guys and gals know who you are and with that as they say in the movies along with the show. Thanks and enjoy mark/nasa.

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NASA, thankyou for the great pics...no, drooling pics. Wonderful stuff in the condition I love with the original boxes included, condition is key to this hobby (unless you're one of the talented ultra-restorers on board here who are artists and preservationists on a grand scale). This is not a grouping we see every day, obviously very glad you're still with us with your great contributions and threads on Alphdrome. B)

Best Regards


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Wow............................................That is a beautiful collection! So many great vintage robots and then Sonic...Hook....Target...Tremendous Mike! Amazing! It takes a lot of effort to put together a collection like that. I also like the mix of astronauts, spacetoys and vehicles. And even though you may not own all of them anymore I am sure you have some really great stories about a lot of those pieces and the friends you have made while collecting them.

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