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Original grey, very fragile robot similar to beer-can tin. Walks while spinning 360 degrees, firing all the way.


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Noguchi Sparky. Remember seeing these loose in barrels for 69c at "Honest Ed's Warehouse" in Toronto during the early 1970's.


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Thanks, Fin! That one I bought in 1985 for the astronomical price of $110. The small shop in Yorkville (Toronto's Rodeo Drive) also had the blue T.V. Robot for $75.MIB. I tried to get 'em both for $150 but he wouldn't budge so I opted for the Golden. The box is still in like-new condition and yes, that 'bot shines. These are quite delicate and must be handled very gently.

What actually got me into the whole 'robot-thing' was a grey Roto I found in the mid-'70's at a Salvation Army store 'cause he reminded me of the robots I had as a kid. He was in great shape, bought him for 25 cents and dropped him on the floor of the store on the way out. Tried to fix him up and did get him working again but he looked so bad I trashed him when I found the mint one.

There are more pics to load and will do it in time, bear in mind that I've had most of these before I knew anyone else collected them.

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Glides around with neck smoothly raising and lowering while spinning at odd times, sort of bump and go. Magnificently finished by Bandai of Japan. At the time I found her, I'd never thought I'd see another tin robot for sale again.


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