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Looking good Mike! I particularly like the Golden Roto - a real beauty. ;)

The beautiful part of these is the 'marblizing' of the plastic pieces due to the inconsistent mixing of the old plastic pellets, gives it a really nice artsy look as compared to modern styrene/vinyl compositions as the gear robot in above pic. Quite a difference between the two robots, likely about 10 years apart.


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Impressive collection Morbius, I must take on board your policy of buying only MIB, just recently I've bought a few with the odd problem (patches of rust/dings etc) just so I could own one of that particulary example but now tend to dwell on the various problems. Probably best to wait until the right one eventually comes along and go for it.

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Thank you MRH. Actually with the Lincoln #262 Corgi I purchased from UK before I ever e-Bayed (about 4 years ago) the seller assured me the car was as new MINT as well as the packaging. About a month of waiting later, the package arrived. One side window was cracked, a vital metal band in the battery compartment was absent meaning I couldn't operate the mechanism, and the package itself was water-damaged and creased and scuffed. He claimed it wasn't like that when he sent it so I bargained another small item for compensation and he agreed. Still, I have a rough package, a cracked side window and an incomplete battery mechanism. He also stated that "....you're not supposed to try to use the TV, it's antique and too fragile to use." I stressed my point that I wanted the best item in existence, package and all BEFORE I purchased it. In the end it cost me 125 GBP plus over $100 in duties, taxes and VAT's, GST and PST and still didn't have a near-perfect item. As the car itself still has all the chrome on the bumpers and is generally flaw-free, it's OK but I'd still like to update the package eventually but after $350 Can. paid out so far it'd be a stretch (excuse the pun)for me to actually do it unless I can SEE the item in person first.

Another item is the original Sparky (silver) which I bought with some rust and minor wear. About 1 year later I discovered a store in Manhattan selling MIMB versions for the same price I had paid. I never did that again and swore to only 'like new' robots after this. I've never had a regret purchasing 'as new' items...very few if any of these toys are PERFECT, all having minor imperfections of some sort, they were $2. toys. Boxes in new condition are art in themselves, yes they can cost more than the toy but are usually more fascinating than the toys themselves.

Now if it's a DP we're talking about then a little rust may make this super-rare item attractive pricewise as instead of forking out 45K it's only 12K. Of course it's all relative to the collector's level of income/lifestyle/cash availability.

I always remember F.H.Griffith's words of wisdom from the 1970's: "Better to have 10 really nice pieces in a collection rather than 100 pieces of junk..."BTW MRH:

That package for your 262 Lincoln is amazing! Hope to find one like that one day. Also, as far as I can see on your site your items are spectacular and you've some true rarities in there. A magnificent gathering of classic toys.

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Morbius, please accept this as a gift. ;) :D The image I mean, phew ! for a few seconds I thought you might think I was posting the Limo to you. :o


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....and the early 'bots to go with 'em! Thanks, Joe!!

Lower pic are the later edition with safer 'button top' posts.




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Morbius, please accept this as a gift. ;) :D The image I mean, phew ! for a few seconds I thought you might think I was posting the Limo to you. :o

Hey, if you ever want to sell that card..... :D

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