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A Collection From Spain


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Thanks for sharing the pics Roman. Very interesting mix. I love when a collection expresses real individuallity.

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H.I. Gosses said:

Donde esta el famoso "Gran Jefe"? El mas famoso producto robotico d'espana.

(o bien PePo?)

Here are "Gran Jefe" (left) and "Pepo" (right). In the middle there´s a brazilean robot.


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"Gran Jefe" is just wonderful, I had no Idea how

big this robot was. What is the actual height of Jefe ?

What year was he made ? What does he do ? :huh:

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Name: Robotino.

Type: Plastic and metal. Battery operated(6). 58 cm tall.

Date: Years 70s.

Manufacter: Jefe.

Origin: Valencia.

Actions: move forward and flashing lights.

Details: It´s original. It impresses its size. It´s an of jewels of the crown of Spanish Robots.Almost artisan, made by Juguetes Espaciales that were a division of the Jefe Company.

I can see this robot and other spanish robot in the page: http://es.geocities.com/robot_ole/




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