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atomic robot nerf piñata! <[0_0]>


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I made this piñata for my birthday party. not a lot of people came but it was a pretty cool piñata idea. I just used a pie pan for the top of the head and a Coffee can and a yogurt cup for the neck the rest was cardboard and tape. I had the idea of making this and I got tired of hitting them so I made it into a shootable nerf piñata! just made the body first and added tubes inside the body and covered the holes up with some black gift tissue paper for people to shoot the targets for candy to fall out. happy 16 to me I guess  if you have any question on making your own let me know broski! 👽 (oh yeah you also get to keep it afterwards! just try not to forget about it after your done shooting it if you have sprinklers. mine got wet but its okay now.) IMG_8626.jpeg.c7f660412be015267fa448705e8f549c.jpegIMG_8659.jpeg.bf7f76cf8bc4d1c2a0e1baa8db1ee2d4.jpegIMG_8624.jpeg.dc416f13172fe05ad164db01129dec55.jpegIMG_8625.jpeg.257bee71bc5cb1685bd30b36141b5ed7.jpegI

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Very good likeness, but does he walk when you wind that key?

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9 minutes ago, MrMechanical said:

no. its all for show! but if I could learn how to make a giant wind up version I would! but the arms do move so does the head! I just got a drill and a screw and drilled it right into the arm!  and body 



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