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Who Else Makes Their Own Facsimile Boxes?


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I've been fortunate enough to purchase most of my robots complete with their original (though sometimes less-than-pristine) boxes, which is important to me because I love the box art almost as much as I do the robots themselves (I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here). However, like everyone here, I've also bought quite a few "loose" examples of robots that I wasn't willing to wait around for until a boxed example showed up somewhere. Recently, I've been having fun creating my own repro boxes for my otherwise loose toys. Perhaps this sort of activity has been discussed here before, but I haven't seen the thread if it has, so I thought I'd run it up the flag pole.


Since (obviously) I don't have their original boxes to scan directly (like the commercial reproducers do), I've enjoyed the challenge of searching for nice, reasonably-high-resolution photos on the internet to create my reproduction boxes from. As you might imagine (or know from experience), it's very difficult (impossible?) to find perfect "straight-on" views (especially of the sides and ends). Most shots you find are at least a little trapezoidal, but a thorough search of old auction photos and the like on the web will usually turn up views that, if not perfect, are close enough to use if you do a little digital manipulation. Oddly enough, I don't use any fancy graphics software. I just use PowerPoint, which actually has pretty much all of the functionality you really need for this sort of thing. Now, I should point out that my purpose has been simply to create facsimile boxes to use as backdrops for my own collection -- I'm not suggesting my boxes would pass muster under close scrutiny. I would never hope to pass them off as originals (or even as commercial repros -- I'd be curious to know what the copyright implications are in that enterprise, by the way, but that's another discussion). I just make them for me -- to complement and enhance my own collection. If you've never done it, it's great fun (both the image searching and the box making). By the way, if you're inclined to try, I'll tell you that perhaps the best place to find high-quality (blessedly non-foreshortened) box images is the Japanese auction site Mandarake. If they've ever auctioned a given robot, you will generally find copious very-usable box images archived with the auction record. Anyway, I've attached a shot of a few that I've made recently. Tell me what you think. I've also done a couple of large-scale boxes. Those are too big for most home printers, but you can take the files to Office Depot or somewhere and have them printed out on a big barrel printer (relatively inexpensive, by the way). Cheers!

Robot Boxes.jpg

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  • Hymie changed the title to Who Else Makes Their Own Facsimile Boxes?

These are really nice hymie good job, there's someone on ebay who sells repro boxes from Italy so maybe as the old companies don't exist anymore then there's no copyright issues, but I would still check but who to ask I suppose if your not selling them I can't see it being a problem, I would imagine its no difference to people who do repro spare parts, best of luck 🤞 

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Thanks, Zebedee. Yes, the copyright question crossed my mind, but I've never pursued an answer because, as I say (and you observe), I don't make them to sell. Indeed, it takes so much time and effort to create one (essentially out of nothing) that I could never hope to realize any kind of profit.  I just like to make things, and it's something to do with my robots other than just sit and look at them (although I think most collectors would agree that there's real joy in just sitting and looking at your robot army standing at attention in your display cabinet).


Speaking of sitting and looking, I'd love to get a sampling sometime of members' reasons for collecting, and how they derive pleasure from it (sitting and looking, par exemple). I may have to start a thread to that effect...Thanks again.



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