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9 hours ago, Brian.. said:

Hosting by Invision looks like a good idea to fix some of the glitches that have occurred recently. It will also future proof the site at a low cost. 


From what I've seen of Invision Gallery it may not work well as a database. You need to do a small scale test to see if it runs as you want before you pay thousands to transfer it. Coppermine Gallery is completely free so you can always keep it running in the background until you're happy with a new alternative. 

Here's the response I'm just the messenger lol


My concern with coppermine is as follows - 1. It's basically abandonware, meaning it hasn't been updated since 2018, so there are no security patches if an exploit gets out, or if a new version of php comes out and no longer supports it. 2. you'd still have to host it somewhere else, which means paying for both invision AND UK hosting. and 3, because it's on different servers, I think we have to have it on two different domains. As far as a database, you are really only having one photo + title + description for each item. I think we could do better with invision. What I would suggest is possibly do the forum migration and we can test the gallery function at the same time. If we like it, we can migrate. No need to do it all at once. But for security and future-proofing, I would recommend we get off coppermine at some point.

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Hey there, Mister Bilotta!
What's the latest gem you've set up in the museum?

Regarding this website; are there any more updates for the AD crowd?   

I'm among a handful of folks having issues with the site - I know you're aware of the glitching and that it's been ongoing. 

I also noticed a post on one of the Robot / Space Toy (FB) sites a few days ago regarding the status of the AD.     Among the commentors were several regular AD'ers, as well as some newer names.

I think there are plenty of folks struggling to interact / scroll / learn and contribute.    


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Greetings Sorry I should have posted here prior.

I'm pulled in 50 different directions these days

We will be starting the migration soon to the more stable

invision platform & updated bones if you will

Lots of the underpinnings are end of life & there will likely be glitches

Josh my web guru said it's best not to post during the transition

as some data could get lost

He migrated the saucer database & that seems like it went well

I've had glitches logging on , have to do it 3x or more to get in

I will ask Josh to post some details here 

That's it for now, fingers crossed !! 

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