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Z-Man the Brain. 1956 electrically programable robot.


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That turned out great John-😀 Congratulations on an awesome repair job-great to see it running and shooting!!

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Z Man the Brain


Up next in my Revive, Refresh, ReWild Toy project is the Z Man.

Z Man wasn't working when I found him around 35 years ago, and he's been on a shelf since.

He has the original missiles, 8 page instruction sheet, and 2 pylons. No box.


I've been able to get around 20 of my battery-op toys cleaned up and working, including an Alps TV Spaceman, Nomura 2 Stage Rocket Launching Station,  Cragston Satellite in Orbit, Nomura Version 3 Zoomer, and others. I was even able to get a beloved Telephone Bear working again after replacing the motor brushes, thanks to the helpful advice and encouragement I received on this site. (I would post a video, but as a Noob, I want to respect the space/robot focus of this group. You were kind enough to let me slide on the earth-bound bear, and I don't want to push it.)  Time to step up a bit and see what can be done about The Brain.


Here are photos with front and back plates in place and removed. Everything looks pretty good - no missing gears, nothing mangled.

I haven't done a comparison with Robothut's Z Man photos yet, but I do see that the starboard motor

is missing one connection and a tab at the back of the motor assembly that may be where a ground wire was connected...I don't see any loose wires however.









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