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The House of Gog Artwork Plus!


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There is now a Statue!

To stay loyal to Skinner’s art style, each statue is “freehand” hand-painted (with brush) by artists, making each individual piece unique in its own way.

The very low edition size, large diorama-like nature and “freehand” paint work contribute to the high production value of this art statue.

We believe that this new release is the right combination between a classic collectible, an art toy and museum-like art piece, elevating this original art statue from a mere collectible to a true work of art.


16H x 13W x 17.5D (inches)

*Fair estimations


100% high quality polystone resin art statue

Hand crafted & hand-painted by master statue craftsmen

Limited numbered edition: 150 units (worldwide)

Signed by hand by Skinner (artist)

Price: 1200$USD

Flexible payment plans available

Worldwide shipping


Goraxx statue & summoned giant (on a separate base)

Art print (9.5x7)

Metallic collector card

Certificate of authenticity (hand-signed by the cofounders)

Deluxe” soft touch” art box

Based on the original artwork of horror and fantasy Oakland legend and artist Skinner



The Monster maker.jpg

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From original artwork to statue The Oracle!  Weight at 10lbs, 16"tall-8"wide and 8"in depth.


The art of Pascal Blanché | The Oracle (red) - art statue vs artwork

Staying loyal to the original artwork is probably the most important part of our work.

The transposition of the original art into a physical art statue is not only one of our biggest challenges; but it’s also what makes us who we are!




“Deep within the entrails of the planet a powerful and ancient demon lay dormant in his lair.

A once vibrant world was now consumed by its dark curse as it continued to take hold.
The people had ignored the Seer’s warnings, dismissing her words as mere superstition. But as the years passed, the planet began to decay, and its inhabitants withered away with it.

The Oracle watched in despair as her people suffered, her heart heavy with the knowledge that she could not save them. She had foretold of this disaster, but her words had fallen short. The faith of the people had faded away and the old ways long forgotten.

As centuries passed, the darkness crept on the derelict planet and the Oracle grew old, but she never gave up hope. She knew a savior would come.”



The Oracle.jpg







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