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The House of Gog Artwork Plus!


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Roaming in an uncharted sector of the Deep, a menacing structure drifts into the void. Within it, a very special guest is heavily guarded!



Derelict planet.jpg

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Far away, from the entrails of a dying planet, a forgotten word is whispered:


Instantly, the unbreakable door of the cell turns to dust.

The forceful grip of the freed leaden hand is no match for the dazzled guards.

[Bones being crushed]





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A looming shadow swiftly steps into an escape unit and launches out of the forsaken place.
As the infallible targeting system tries to lock on target, it mysteriously fails and the turret shoots astray.
The muffled sound of an amused laughter fades away into the distance.
“HA! HA! HA! HA!”




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Guided by an invisible Force, the pod makes its way to a strange and untamed world, where it crashes into a desolate plain.


Death and peril await.



Gog 4.jpg

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A large figure emerges from the crash site and is instantly overwhelmed by a surge of incredible knowledge and power.

A dark and cold whisper is heard through the sandy winds:

“Welcome home Klaw”

As his name is spoken, he looks at his mutating hand; a faint smirk can be seen on the warrior’s face.

[To be continued…]




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And so it begins Artwork to figurine!


KLAW, the Space Ravager

No one knows where - or when - Klaw came from. Not even himself.

Roaming through space in his fabled gunship, he is in constant search of loot and plunder. Death, pillage and devastation follow his raging path.

Brutal and ruthless, he is feared by all; even by the drifters of the Deep.

His cunning is surpassed only by his incredible strength. There is no escape from his crushing grip.

Outlawed and bounty-hunted, Klaw has finally been caught and imprisoned. He is kept caged as a highly-prized trophy.

As he lies in his impenetrable cell, a dark and unfamiliar voice speaks to him:

“Rise mighty warrior and return to me.”

“I have a gift for you.”


Based of the original artwork of world-class digital artist Pascal Blanché.



KLAW, the Space Ravager.jpg

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More pics from the artwork to the figure!!



Klaw, the Space Ravager

From the visual universe of Derelict planet

Original art by digital artist Pascal Blanché

This is an official collaboration between Pascal Blanché & House of Gog.








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Klaw, the space ravager

Blademaster version

Deep within the inner core of the dying planet, the fallen Demon smiles. The seed has been planted. His new warrior will grow powerful. When the time comes, He will be ready to release His armies and lead them onto the galaxy once again.

But this will take time, and time is all He needs…

[to be continued]


Blademaster’s double-bladed sword & mutated claw

Interchangeable switch-outs (magnetized)

Extra pillar-base included to display your switch-outs






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