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Daleks & Monsters of Dr Who


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Another look coming soon!


Harrop Doctor Who Figurines

Hi All, our new Doctor Who figurine of the Terileptil Leader from 'The Visitation' will go live for pre-order on our website www.robertharrop.com from 8am on Friday 28th April.
He will be a Limited Edition of only 225 figurines, individually numbered and accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity. He will be priced at £80.00.




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Released today and will sell out fast!!




From 'The Visitation’ 1982“

“Ah, but our rats will ensure there are no survivors. A final visitation.”


The TARDIS is heading for Heathrow Airport in the year 1981, but due to a malfunction, it arrives 300 years too early in the 17th Century. Whilst investigating the surrounding area, the Doctor and his companions are attacked and chased by a group of local villagers, but they soon escape their pursuers by the help of a highwayman. He tells them that the surrounding area is infected with a plague, which appeared at the same time as a meteor strike. The local inhabitants are burning sulphur to purify the air and are wary of any strangers who may be carrying the deadly disease.

The Doctor discovers evidence of alien technology and suspects that the meteor strike was in fact the crash landing of a spacecraft. His suspicions are soon confirmed when he reveals a plot by an alien race of Terileptils, escaped prisoners and fugitives from their own planet, who are seeking a new home. They plan to commit genocide by releasing rats infected with an enhanced strain of the plague into the streets of London.

A Limited-Edition Hand painted figurine / statue from the Doctor Who Collection.

Designed, Sculpted and Made in Shropshire, England by Harrop Buckley Designs.

Traditionally Hand Sculpted by Mike Rodgers.

Official BBC License. The figurine has been approved by the Doctor Who television production team at the BBC...

Approximately 7.3 inches (186mm) tall.

A Limited Edition of Only 225 Figurines Worldwide.

Individually hand numbered with a unique number on the base.

Comes complete in a presentation box with information card and a Certificate of Authenticity!











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Due out now!


Dr Who Figurine Collection Issue #222 Ood Elder

Available to order from scificollector via www.ebay.co.uk or www.scificollectorshop.co.uk

The Ood Elder figure features incredible detail and is part of a collectable limited edition series of fine quality figurines from Eaglemoss.

Figures in this collectable series are frozen in a ‘Moment in Time’ pose which is detailed on the collectors box.

This figure is part of the un-released collection of Eaglemoss statues which were considered unlikely to see light of day. Scificollector managed to secure the stock from the factory in China where they had sat since Eaglemoss went into administration.





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Due out now!


Total extermination! Fire, fire, fire!

Get ready to exterminate with this extra-terrestrial over-sized Dalek Figurine which made its appearance in the 3rd Doctor Pertwee era in the classic Death to the Daleks episode.

Travel through time with this incredible 8+ inch Dalek figure which is a limited edition and hand-crafted from metallic resin. This model has been built with incredible attention to detail, standing an impressive 22cm tall and features all the traditional Dalek add-ons.

The Mega Death to the Daleks Death Dalek #11 was the final Mega to be produced and was unreleased at the point that Eaglemoss went into administration.

We are pleased to be able to now make it available to collectors and this Death Dalek mega sculpt makes for a fitting completion to the collection.

Supplied in themed packaging as the rest of the range but no magazine is included as none were produced.

Fully BBC licensed and approved merchandise.








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Due out now!




Our Price:  £134.99

Brand:  Eaglemoss


The final story of Doctor Who's tenth season returned a classic design to the screen – the Mondasian Cybermen!

More primitive and yet just as terrifying as their modern, armored counterparts, the original Cybermen featured circuitry and tubing, a mask of surgical-style cloth, and exposed hands of all-too-human flesh...

This 13.5inch / 34 cms hand-painted resin statuette captures every morbid detail of the iconic monster design, straight from The Doctor Falls!

Trapped in the bowels of a vast colony ship for centuries, the engineering crew of Floor 1056 resorted to drastic measures to survive, slowly converting themselves into a new kind of cybernetic life. Even when their “upgrades” began causing terrible pain, these new Cybermen could not stop – they simply installed emotional inhibitors, to keep themselves from caring about it.

Accompanied by a detailed magazine that details the appearances and impact of the Mondasian Cybermen.







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Christopher Eccleston is the Doctor!

Celebrate the Ninth Doctor - the man who travelled alongside Rose Tyler, Adam Mitchell, and Captain Jack Harkness! During their travels they faced off against many threats including the last human Cassandra, the paradox fixing Reapers, the Empty Child and this era saw the introduction of the Slitheen!



9th doctor art.jpg

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From Forbidden Planet MCM 60th Anniversary Collection comes The Robot as coasters-tees and pins!




 Forbidden Planet MCM 60th Anniversary Collection (1).jpg

 Forbidden Planet MCM 60th Anniversary Collection (2).jpg

 Forbidden Planet MCM 60th Anniversary Collection (3).jpg

 Forbidden Planet MCM 60th Anniversary Collection (4).jpg

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Due out soon!


Cybermen: The Ultimate Comic Strip Collection

Available to order from www.amazon.co.uk

Please note cover image is from Previews World and may not be final.

Humanoids who rejected the weakness of flesh and blood millennia ago, the Cybermen are deadly armoured warriors driven by cold logic!

Across the stars, they have waged cyber-war on a thousand worlds, eager for more organic beings they can convert into obedient soldiers of the Cyber-Empire! Inside this epic collection, you can discover all of the Doctor’s incredible encounters with this unrelenting foe, taken from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.




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